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Hello again to all my watchers. I hope you have all been doing well for yourselves so far. Things have been a bit zig-zaggy for myself personally, but otherwise, I am doing ok. I got some updates for you guys today so I hope you enjoy what's to come. 


An apology

First off, I know that April was a very quiet month for my DA page and I do apologise for that. April was the month of Persona 5, a game I had been waiting for years on which finally arrived after a delay. Needless to say, I was extremely hyped when it arrived, so I pretty much spent most of April playing through it. Persona games are known for being very long games, so it was a surprise to me that Persona 5 ended up being the longest game in the entire series so far. I finished it in just under 110 hours and I loved every single minute of the experience! It is by far one of the greatest video games I have ever played and it might end up being my favourite entry in the series. If you haven't played a Persona game yet, I highly consider giving it a shot. Persona 4 Golden was my starting point and I absolutely adore that game. Persona 5 would be the easiest to access, but if you have the means of playing P4G, I can't recommend that game enough. P4 has an anime adaptation as well if you really want to experience the story, but the game will give you just a bit more. The anime is one of the best game adaptations ever, so either way, your getting a great experience. Anyway enough of me singing the praises of the Persona franchise. I get really into this stuff!

So I want to try and make up for the lack of much content in April due to wanting to take time out for P5. Already I have beaten April's record by releasing 2 more story chapters and 3 pictures, but I'm not going to stop there. 

Story Updates

Right now I'm currently aiming to try and finish Strung to One's Side Act II as that is fresh in my mind. As I have stated in a status update, Chapter 5 will be the finale of the story so there are only 2 chapters left to release now. I hope you guys have been enjoying that story as much as I have been writing it. It's been challenging, to say the least, but I want to make sure I give the story the conclusion I've had for it since a year ago done right. All I can hint at for the rest of the chapters to come? You thought the story was dark now? Just you guys wait...

Once that is finished, I will try and get back to two of the most requested stories to be continued, being May the Show Go On and Rise of The Omos. It still baffles me to this day the kind of feedback I get from these. Especially Rise of The Omos which has some of the most amazing passion I've seen for any of my stories yet. So the pressure is on as I try and write a story that pleases the people who enjoy their content. I try and make stories that cater to different types of audiences and I'm glad to be at least satisfying those who read on. 

Finding a faster writing method

Writing can be hard when your brain can't stop thinking of new ideas for stories to the point where you have many going on at the same time. This has been a problem of mine for a long time and I've been trying to find solutions to get around this for over a year. I think I may have found myself a solution for now that can help get stories out just a little bit faster. 

Right now I am trying to get 3 of the most requested stories done, so in order to try and speed things up, I am spending one day at a time writing one story. My current plan is to write Strung to One's Side today, May the Show Go On tomorrow and Rise of the Omos the day after. This way I am hoping to get this stuff done faster. 

Also what comes into account is what motivation or ideas I have that day. Usually, if I get an idea for another story I haven't worked on for a while, it takes complete priority over another one I had been previously writing. Motivation plays a huge role in what I write, so I'm now trying to balance things out a bit more to make the waits hopefully much shorter.

Weither all this will work out, in the end, I have no idea. But that is my current plan to make releases a lot faster. Hopefully, I don't fry my brain too much in the long run, but you guys keep me going so hopefully I will be able to please you all. 


That's all for today guys. I hope to get out a lot more content this month, so I hope all look forward to what is still to come. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Take care and see you all in the status updates!

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It's Monday and today is where I'm gonna answer all the questions sent to me,

Only 6 of you asked me anything so this won't take very long to get through. Thank you to everybody who took part in the Q and A :)

From TF- Circus 

Q1: What got you into hypnosis and transformation in the first place?

A1: I guess I've been fond of those tropes for quite a number of year now. It was either from a few shows and anime I watched, but I can't quite remember what drew me in. I've always thought of the hypnosis and transformation tropes as interesting elements to stories, causing either humor or conflict. 

When I was browsing the web many years back, it came to my surprise just how popular these tropes were for a lot of people. I was fascinated by just how far people took them, even if some of the directions taken were a bit off-putting, many the highly mature rated stuff. Being somebody who enjoys writing a lot, I desided to join DA and create stories of my own using the Hypno and TF tropes, but make them hopefully fun and free of any highly mature content. It seems to have gone well so I'm glad I was able to be accepted in and entertain many of you.

What's your favorite story that you've created, or are currently creating?

A2: My favourite story that I've written has easily been Showtime for May. Not only was it quite different to everything else I wrote at the time, the feedback on it was fantastic. It really boosted my confidence in writing and it was a sign that I could do something diffrent with the hypnosis trope and it worked. I wanted to give that story some maturity in it's story telling and it worked so well that it's still my proudest accomplishment. 

It's also how I met :icontf-circus: and since then have become friends. So Showtime for May holds some personal achievements for me.


Q: Do you play the Sonic games or at least Sega games in general? And if so, any specific favorite ones?

A: The Sonic series is my favourite video game franchise ever, so yes I have played MANY Sonic games. As for my favourites, here's my top 5

1. Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

Still to this day the best Sonic game ever crafted. It's level design was top-notch, it's presentation unforgettable and it's secrets a joy to find and collect. Which other Sonic game gives you Hyper Sonic, Hyper Knuckles and the most broken character Super Tails? It improves everything from Sonic 1 and 2 and is something I come back too every single year. It's Sonic perfected.

2. Sonic Generations.

Easily Sonic's best 3D outing and one of the greatest tributes to a video game franchise. The fan service is everywhere and it's music and visuals are beautiful. The levels are designed so well and highly replayable. I actually think Modern Sonic's levels are the best in Generations.

If you can, play Sonic Generations on the PC version. 4K does wonders for it! 

3. Sonic Colours.
In a time where the series was going through rough times, Sonic Unleashed was a step in the right direction. Then along came Sonic Colours, completely out of nowhere and man was it a good one! More 2D than 3D, Sonic Colours took what worked in Unleashed and made the entire game around it. It was also a return to the lighthearted nature which had been missed a lot. It also gave us the currrent voice cast, which are now the longest running for the franchise and my personal favourites. 

4. Sonic Adventure.

Sonic's first true 3D outing after Sonic Jam's experimentation was something that had me glued to the screen as a child. Sonic was translated to the 3D world perfectly in my eyes. It took all we knew about the classics and managed to make it work once you got used to it's controls. I loved how cinematic it was, I loved playing as other characters, it was a Sonic game like no other back then.

The game does really show it's age however. Cutscene animations are hilariously bad, the voice acting is also hilarious with almost 0 voice direction, and it's controls aren't that tight. But you know what, I still keep coming back to it and I love this game still. If you grew up with it then you might be able to apprisiate it more. Newcomers may see it as a relic of the time. But whatever it is seen as, it is Sonic Adventure. 

5. Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
The first video game I ever played and what got me into video games. That alone puts it on this list. I was captivated by everything about it. The gameplay was simple and fun, the Sprite artwork was beautiful, the music was catchy, and I was introduced to Sonic as a character. He just screamed cool and to this day he is still my favourite video game character. He represents fun and fast action and that's something I love in any character. Again it's a game I always return to, so it holds a special place in my hearts. 

Man I went quite deep in with this one, lol. I love this franchise so I could talk about it for ages! 

From treystar679

Do you enjoy making friends?

A: I do enjoy making friends yes. Depends on how people present themselves and if I've hung out / talked with people long enough with them. I've had plenty of times in my past where people show their nastier colours, so I can take my time before accepting certain people. But yes I do enjoy making friends, absoloutly :) 


Q1: Would you rather be a Clown/Jester for the rest of your life, or be hypnotised for the rest of your life?

A1: That's an easy one. I'd rather be a Clown/Jester for the rest of my life, because I'd actually be in charge of my own mind. While I'd be a terrible Clown or Jester, I'd rather feel totally embarrassed with myself rather than have my mind not be in my control.  

Q2: Have you ever considered opening Voting polls to have your watchers vote on what happens next in your storys?

EX: Which Sonic Girl should Omochao go after next in "Rise of the Omos"?

A2: I've never really considered that idea no. I personally like to handle all the writing and planning process, plus if people knew what was going to happen in the next chapter, then there wouldn't be anything to look forward to. I like to avoid spoilers and make it a surprise for people when they do see my newest content.

As for your question on which Sonic Girl will be Omochao's next victim, don't want to spoil anything :) 

From Fetch26291

Q: While turning various beings into puppets and toys is fun, have you considered perhaps changing them into mannequins or statues?

A: Good question. I have never really taken any consideration making art or stories of transformations into mannequins and statues. I guess considering many other writers and artists cover that trope already I didn't think I could add anything to it. 

Transformations into puppets is a TF trope that you hardly ever see being used, which is why I desided to largely cover that one. To till a massive gap as it were. 

If you want to get technical, in the story Playtime Returns to Saffron City I did, there was a scene where a transformation into a mannequin was used, but it wasn't touched on for very long. Maybe someday I could consider a story with that trope if enough people are interested enough. I wouldn't be able to add much to it, but I'll see. 

That's the questions I got. While there wasn't much at all, I've tried to go into as much detail with your questions as I can to make up for it. Thank you to everyone who asked me a question :)

I'm not sure if I'd do anything like this again anytime soon as it's proven not to be something all of my watchers care for, but if enough people want another one of these in the future then I'll think about it. 

Thank you all and i'll talk with you again real soon.
Today is a great day! My PC is finally back home after 2 weeks of it being broken, now all fixed up again :)
My hard drives were swapped around for some odd reason, but thankfully nothing was lost in the process, so everything I was working on is still all there. What a relief! This has been a true test of patience. Not having my PC for the evenings was so boring until I got my Switch, so this feels amazing to have it back! Thank you everyone for putting up with the wait for as long as I have. I can finally get back to writing and drawing again now, so expect new stuff coming real soon.

I also have more to thank you all for. I've now reached over 300 watchers which is amazing! I can't believe I actually got this far. You guys are the reason I keep going and with now over 300 of you all watching, I feel so lucky to have entertained you all, and I will continue to do so. Thank you guys so much for this!

To celebrate the occasion, I'm gonna do a Question and Answer thingy cause all the cool kids do it :D
So I'll give you guys up until next Monday to ask me any questions you like. Once the clock hits midnight this upcoming Sunday then all questions will be collected up and I will answer what you guys might have to ask. 

Just be aware that I will not answer any questions that are personal, or repeats of questions others have asked. 

That's it for now. I'm gonna get back to getting my PC all tidied up and then it's back to writing. I got something a little different coming up than my normal schedule, but I hope you all enjoy what I have coming up. Till then, see you again soon :)
So I imagine some of you lot are aware of my current situation by now, but for others who may not know, my PC gave out last Thursday. I left it running for roughly 2 hours as I was busy doing other stuff, so I came back up to awaken the PC from standby mode. But doing so just cut off the power completely and now it won't boot up at all. It most likely is the power supply giving out as that seems to be the case with situations simular to mine. 

I've had my new rig for 4 months before this happened which sucks. I spent a lot on that thing making it a powerhouse for my gaming, so to have this happen in just a short space of time is super lame. Thankfully I'm under warranty so repairs will be free. However the collection pickup was rather expensive which was annoying! The repairs will take between 1 to 2 weeks according to the place I brought my PC from, so I'll have to wait a while until I have it back. I'm not an expert on building PC's so I chose to send it back where I know people with the experience can help. The wait is lame but I can at least feel confident that it will be in good hands. 

So of course this means all my upcoming content will be delayed for a while. I'm so sorry to every single one of my watchers for this. I know I'm not the fastest with uploading stuff due to doing normal life things and taking my time to make my stories enjoyable, so this only makes the wait longer.

So whilst you guys wait, here's a list of all the things I was currently working on before this happened.

Rise of The Omo's - Chapter 3
May the Show Go On - Chapter 2
Strung to One's Side Act 2 - Chapter 3
The Curse of The Crosses Act 1 - Chapter 2

I have a lot going on at once as I'm trying my best to meet the demand of watchers as fast as I possibly can. Rise of The Omo's has started to grow in popularity and demand the most so that might take more priority. I hear all you guys and I'm doing what I can to make this a story you'll enjoy. So the wait may be a while but I want this to be as good as Showtime for May, which is still the story I'm most proud of. Hope you guys understand and thank you for your continued patience. 

Well that's all I really have to say for now. Most likely my PC will return around the launch of the Nintendo Switch or afterwoods, so I'll try and balance out writing stories and getting a lot of hours into Zelda and Bomberman. 

I'm also nearing 300 watchers which amazes me! To think this many people enjoy my work honestly makes me feel pretty happy that I can entertain you all. I might have to consider doing something special for celebrating 300 watchers if I get that far. What I'd do though I've yet to really think about. 

Sorry for the delay once again guys. Take care and I'll speak to you all again real soon.
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Thus we have reached the end of another year in the chapter of life and man it went by fast. For many it's been a rough year but lets take the time to remember the good things that happened in 2016, and hopefully for more good to come of 2017.

For me personally it's been fairly good. Not the most packed of years but the few great things that came out of it were huge highlights that will stick with me for a long time. 

For my time on Deviantart, 2016 has been my best year yet. I saw where my strength was which was my literature and I've made that strength my main goal for the content I have produced.  The story's I've been coming out with had had some great feedback from you guys and I truly do appreciate your words. Wither it was through positive feedback or pointing out my many grammar errors  I've enjoyed your comments. It's helped inspire me to create stories that I aim to please as many of my watchers as possible. While I haven't finished a lot of my stories so far I do aim to complete all the current ones by the end of 2017. I do end up getting carried away a lot with writing a lot of new ones before finishing others, but man imagination is a powerful feeling when it actually comes to me. 

So my current plans for 2017 is to carry own with all the current stories still going on. There's plenty to do so I'm announcing that from here on out, I won't be doing polls for what story will come next. Because I've found that personally I tend to write certain stories when I get in the right mindset for one. Like as of recently, Deviantart user :iconchaoscroc: released a wicked fan art piece based on my "Rise of the Omo's" story which was a really awesome surprise. Seeing people becoming interested in the story again got me in the mood to write the next chapter as it was still fresh on peoples minds. So that was a special acceptation where I was really in the mood to write a chapter to a story i'd left for ages.  But that's basically how things will operate now. New chapters for stories will come out without making plans in advance as I tend to never stick true to that. So each new release from me will be a surprise. 

There's not much going on with the art side of things. I do have a front cover in the works for the story "A Marionette for Banettes." So eventually that will release when I decide on what to put on the cover that gives you an idea of what the story will have in it.c

I can say that while there won't be any brand new stories coming up for a while, I do have a new story all planned out and it's a sequel to one of my favorite stories I've written so far. I really can't wait to write this one cause I do have a lot planned out for it. I think you guys will get a kick out of that one.

Before ending this final journal of the year, I want to give out some big thank yous. First a big thanks to :icontf-circus: for the awesome comic of Showtime for May which was such a treat to read. You knew how to give the characters the life I couldn't have imagined as well in just text alone. I really did love that comic. Plus for the work we have been doing on the Showtime for May sequel story which while still in the works has been a lot of fun to plan out with you.

Also a thanks to :iconchaoscroc: once again for the awesome fan art of the Rise of the Omo's story which looked far superior to what I did. My art is pretty mediocre so seeing my ideas come to life in the hands of far more talented artists is a treat. 

Lastly I want to thank all of you guys. All 276 of you watchers as of the time of this journal who continue to tune in and see my new content I provide for you all. Without any of you guys I wouldn't be doing this what=so-ever. I never would have expected to have so many watchers enjoy my work so again, I thank every single one of you. You guys are simply awesome :thumbsup:

Well that's about all I got for this journal. I hope you all have a very happy new year and I hope you all look forward to my upcoming content very soon. Thanks for being so awesome! Take care everyone and here's to 2017!
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Hey all. How are you all doing?

With the end of the year and Christmas coming up very soon, I still can't believe how fast 2016 has gone. The older you get, the faster time feels. So in these last few weeks of the year left, what is going on with my projects?

First off my creativity has been more vast than it has ever been, so I've ended up starting lots of different stories and making art based on the stories I write. But man I may have made more than I expected to make. So for many of my stories it takes quite a while for me to get any new chapters made and I deeply apologize for it. When you have so many ideas in you're head you tend to get stuck on what to write or draw next, which has been the case for me for a long time. So I've decided that I will now only make new stories when I have finished all of the ones i'm currently working on. Because the more I think of ideas for new stories, the less time is made into writing ones that still need continuing.  

Another big reason for slow progress on stories is mostly the lack of motivation. This is a common problem for myself which shows no signs of improving. When I do get a spark of motivation then I tend to brainstorm and write fairly fast. But it's getting that motivation which can be a real bitch at times. I'm always trying to find some strategies to help myself get motivated a lot better. Challenging but I will eventually get around to stories I've had planned for months. 

As for the stories i'm trying to get motivated to work on right now, it's Chapter 3 of "Strung to One's Side Act 2" and Chapter 2 for "The Curse Of the Crosses Act 1." Ideas for these two keep getting better all the time. I find myself changing a lot of scenes I had written down for reference around, or adding more impact to important scenes that I aim to be moments people will remember. Coming up with ideas for these stories is a lot of fun but it's actually finding the motivation to write them which is a massive pain. 

Chapter 2 of "A Marionette for Banettes," will be another story I aim to get back into eventually as I still have ideas floating around for that one. I'm currently working on designing the story cover for it so that might help motivate me more. 

The story you probably won't be seeing for the longest time will be Chapter 2 of "May the Show Go On." Because this story is a joint effort between myself and :icontf-circus: availability on both sides is limited. I'd rather wait until the times are appropriate on both sides before tackling that one. 

Don't expect any Christmas themed stories or art from me. I'm already filled to the brim with stories as it is and I have no idea on what to do for art. I love Christmas to death but i'm not that creative enough for making any holiday themed art. 

Lastly my core membership will be expiring on Christmas Eve, so you won't get to see any status updates or bar charts anymore which will be a shame to lose. I simply don't have the money to purchase another membership so getting any updates on my work will slow down considerably. The core features have been a huge help in getting to understand my audience more and I thank you all for your feedback. It's gonna suck having to put up with ads on every page again.

That's it for now. I'll try and make one more journal entry before the years end and I'll still be checking DA for messages and stuff. Catch you later everyone. 
Hello all. How's everyone doing? Been good in these past few months?

So whats been going on with me? Not a whole lot. Just been chillin a lot and catching up on some of the games in my backlog whilst obtaining new ones here and there. Besides that i've still been brainstorming some ideas for stories as usual. 

I hope you guys have been enjoying the stories i've put out so far. There's plenty more to come as I'm currently getting back to a few that haven't seen chapters in a while. Right now i'm planning on writing up Chapter 4 of The SOS Clown Brigade and after that, hopefully Chapter 2 of May the Show Go On. So a double dose of clown stories at the mo. 

After those I plan on finally writing chapter 2 of A Marionette for Bannettes which hasn't seen any action in god knows how long. I appreciate all of your guys patience and I will make sure to have it done at least before the year is over. 

Then I then might get round to chapter 2 of my original story, The Curse of the Crosses. I'm glad you guys who commented enjoyed my first original tale. It was a lot of fun coming up with my own cast of characters and setting so I'm pretty excited to carrying on with that. 

Outside of stories i've recently created a Wiki page about the common trope which I use in my work involving puppet control. The idea of the Wiki is about showcasing a collection of scenes in fiction where that trope is used. I've added a few that I managed to discover but others are more than welcome to add their own findings if they know any. I'll link the Wiki for you guys if your interested at the end of this journal.  

As for artwork, haven't had a lot of ideas in mind lately. Due to my limited skills I haven't really been able to think of ideas that I could do. So you'll never see any artwork from my original tale as I have no idea how to draw the characters nor do I really know what they look like in my head. So for now expect more stories than artwork. 

That's about it for now. I hope you all are looking forward to when I bring out more content for you all whenever I can. I'll still be posting random updates on my main page about anything really so there's something to talk about. Also a big thanks to everyone who posts their votes in the polls I make. It's been super helpful and interesting to get to understand my audience more.


People Puppets Wiki:…
Hey all. How's it goin? Keeping well?

Just a quick little entry to let you guys in on what's going on with my stuff that's soon to come out.

For stories the ones in pre-production are A Marionette for Banettes and Strung To One's Side Act 2 Chapter 1. I have some ideas finalised for them both now so it's just a matter of finding the time and motivation to get them written up.

I have a feeling that A Marionette for Banettes Chap 2 will come out first as ideas for that one are still fresh on my mind. Ideas for that story have changed greatly from the original concept, so expect this one to be a bit more fun than mostly serious in tone. 
I have a lot lot planned for Act 2 of Strung To Ones Side to the point that it could end up being 4 chapters long. Everything is fully planned out for how Act 2 starts and ends which will be the finale of the story overall. 

As as for any other stories, a sequel is planned from the Misty Tentacruel one. The next one will be an original tale based on the what if events from that previous one. 

Another story I have in mind is completely original with it's own setting and original characters. That will take a while longer to do but it's something I look forward to making. The idea for this one comes from remaking an idea I made a long time ago. With enough time writing stories I think I'm ready to reboot one of the ideas I've had in my head for a while. 

Until all these stories come out there will still be more artwork in between. Some may be more teasers for what's to come in my future stories. I hope you all have been enjoying them. I figure it will keep you guys happy as well as speculate how the upcoming stories may go down. 

Thats about it. What's been your favourite story so far and what are you looking forward to? Let me know your thoughts below.

Thanks to everyone who is a watcher of my art and stories. Without you guys I wouldn't be continuing all this. Your all awesome :thumbsup: 
Hi guyz.

First off I apologise for not a lot of activity lately. I've been pretty distracted by playing games and catching up on TV shows. So far Uncharted 4 has me the most gripped. Oh man is that game fantastic! That along with Fire Emblem Awakening as I'm trying to get that done before Fates comes out. So yeah I've been pretty occupied with other stuff.

But fear not watchers, I haven't completely done nothing involving D.A. In the meantime I've brainstorming ideas for future stories and I have quite a couple of them planned. One of them will not be based on any existing franchises and will feature characters of my own creation. 

As for The SOS Clown Brigade Chapter 3, progress is going slow. I know what the story is building up too and how it will end, but it's getting there that's given me writers block. I will try to get back to it when I get enough motivation and ideas. 

I plan on on returning to the story "A Marionette for Banettes" soon as that has been left alone for too long. I might have an easier time writing for that one as I already know how the rest of the story will play out.

I have some pics in the works to fill in some gaps whilst I work on more stories, but I will release them when certain chapters of the stories they are based on are done. I'm currently making a quick one for a story I just started thinking off, but again that will release at a later date. Only hint I'll give is that it's based on a series that I've used a few times. Since getting back into said series after many years, I have ideas on what stories I wanna do for it. 

That's all I got for now. If you have any questions about anything then please feel free to ask by posting a comment below. 
After a few weeks of thinking, I've decided to change the name of the One Piece story I'm currently writing. Why? Simply because I felt that the name "A Grudge That Burns Deep" was a title that was only relevant to the first chapter. I've now named it "Strung to Ones Side" as I feel that it's a title that makes sense to the story as a whole. 

Anothef change I've made is that the story will now be in two acts. As ideas for the story have progressed, so has the length. I just recently released the 3rd chapter of the story which marks the end of Act 1. Once you finish Chapter 3 it should give you an idea of where Act 2 is going to go. Putting a story into 2 acts is a new idea for my stories in general so I hope it's something that works for this one in particular. 

That's all the changes being made. With Act 1 done, what have you guys thought of the story so far? Feel free to let me know your thoughts if you want to leave a comment below. Always helps to know how the audience enjoys my work. 
Apologies for not putting out any new content in 2 weeks. After writing a big bunch of stories during January I simply wanted a small break. Writing the amount I did during that time was incredibly rare for me and I think I just wore my brain out. During the time I've been doing other things but soon I'll try and get back to writing more stuff. 

So out out of the stories I have currency planned, I have decided to put the next one on hold which is the Sonic Boom story. Simply because I really want this one to be funny. Sonic Boom is a comedy and I want to make sure that this story has some moments that will hopefully give readers a good laugh. So hope you don't mind the wait on that one. I really want it to hopefully be good. 

So in terms of the next story, it will most likely be the 2nd and last chapter of A Grudge That Burns Deep. After that then it might be chapter 3 of The SOS Clown Brigade as that is still fresh in my mind.

Thats about it for now. If you have any questions about anything then ask away down in the comments. When I'll be back to writing I'm not sure. Hope your cool with waiting a little bit more.

PS: Seeing Deadpool this week and I'm hyped! 
Looking through the art I've done in the past, there's still a few more pieces I'd be up for making stories on if you guys want? Here's the following art that I will accept for making stories.

1. A Marionette for Banettes - Strung and Hypnotized by ControlOfMinds
   Serena's Got Strings

2.  Omo-Amy by ControlOfMinds

3. Becoming Misty Hale by ControlOfMinds
   Misty's New Family (Based on Pokemon 3 The Movie)


Here is some art I will however NOT make stories out of. 

My least favourite art and I simply don't want to do this one.

Haruhi Cheerleading For Mariano by ControlOfMinds  Mariano's Puppet Show Continues by ControlOfMinds  Haruhi And Mikuru Converting Into Marionettes by ControlOfMinds
These pics are based on the story "The Complete Control Over Haruhi Suzumiya" which is already complete. These pics were simply filler for during and after the events of the story.

(Request) May Brainwashed Into A Lady Trainer by ControlOfMinds (Request) Mimi Puppet by ControlOfMinds
These were pics I did for requests. I don't feel the May one would work as a story and the Mimi one is similar to another story that is currently going on. 

Serena the Seel by ControlOfMinds
So similar to the original Pokemon episode it was based on that it might as well be the same thing with Serena instead of Misty. 

As for this piece

Mewtwo's Servant Misty by ControlOfMinds
I'm unsure about this one. It would take place right after the moment where Mewtwo free's Nurse Joy from his control, but beyond that I'm still unsure if I could do a story for this one.

Well those would be my pics. Wanna see stories of these and what would you want the most? Comment below and let me know. 
After a lot of thinking my One Piece story Made of Wood, Nami's Strange Devil Fruit is now cancelled. Apologies to those who enjoyed it but I just can't think of any ideas to continue it in a way I'm happy with. It was earlier work so it was more of experimentation. As I have gone in a new direction with my MC/Hypno stories making them a bit more serious than the norm, my previous One Piece story wasn't really working for me anymore. Again I apologise.

However a new One Piece story has taken it's place which I will provide below. Hope you enjoy it.

Strung to Ones Side - Act I: Chapter 1
Chapter 1 - Navigator Lost
After a rather spooky adventure on the island of Thriller Bark, the Straw Hats along with newest crew member Brook had stopped at an island to relax. It was a small island with a town populating most of it with a small jungle not far off from it. The Straw Hats had landed by the jungle and a few of them went to the town to do some shopping. Zoro, Chopper, Robin and Brook had decided to stay on the ship and relax. Robin read a book, Chopper was making some medicine, Brook played music to himself and Zoro was sleeping.   areAt the town, Luffy was off to find somewhere that had meat as always, Usopp and Franky were buying equipment to make weapons out of, Sanji was shopping for food and Nami was shopping for new clothes. She seemed to always be in need of a pair after the results of the battles they faced as they kept getting ruined. She had to hold back on buying anything expensive as well as the Straw Hats needed to make sure they had enough Beli
Within a few more weeks we close the curtain on 2015 and get ready for a new start in 2016. I may not of made a ton of stuff this year on DA and have been more or less experimenting on different ideas but I am slowly starting to see where the future lies in the content I make for you guys.

First up a shout-out to the awesome :icontf-circus: who is currently working on a comic version of my story "Showtime for May" which is the work I'm most proud of this year. The link to the comic will be provided here so give it a look if you enjoyed the story cause it's pretty great. TF-Circus focuses on clown themed artwork and the guy can draw really good. If clown art is something you like then give his DA a look.
Showtime for May - Page 1 (sketch) by TF-Circus 
Showtime for May - Page 2 (sketch) by TF-Circus

I'll be working on a cooperative project for the first time which will be with TF-Circus next year. All I will say about it is that it will be a story that we will both be writing together so look forward to that. 

Over the year I have come to the conclusion that writing stories is where my strength lies. After some unexpectedly great feedback on "Showtime for May" I went back and had a look at the story again and then the others I have done. I tend to do a lot better with my stories than I do with artwork so next year there will be a greater focus on stories than artwork. Don't worry though because artwork will still be produced so that's not going away anytime soon.

When it comes to current projects, my stories "Playtime Returns to Saffron City" and "Made of Wood. Nami's Strange Devil Fruit" are still incomplete. I am aiming to finish Playtime before the year's end but I can't promise anything. I'm right now in the planning stages of how the next chapter will end. Chapter 5 will be the finale so I'll aim for it to be the biggest one of the lot as I have with past final chapters in stories before. As for the Nami story I simply have no idea what to do with it. Ideas for it are not there and I'm still undesided on if it will continue or not. If it doesn't continue I may reboot it in the future but we will see on that one.

As for future stories besides the project TF-Circus and myself will be working on, there will be a story based on my first art piece I did for DA which was the Misty controlled by Tentacool one. Lots of watches have asked for that one the most so that will be one of the first ones I do next year. After that I might do a Digimon story based on the artwork of Puppetmon capturing certain members of the main cast. Besides those I'm not sure what other stories I have in mind. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. 

As for requests, yeah I'm sorry nothing has happened on those yet. Life has been pretty busy these past few months and I get creative juice randomly for different things. Some requests are a tad hard to draw at times but I haven't left them behind on purpose. I'm sorry for the long wait on them but I will get round to them sometime. 

Finally I want to give all my watchers a massive thank you for watching my D.A throughout 2015. As of now I currently have 153 watchers which is more than I ever would of expected! I'm not that great at what I do but you all seem to still enjoy my work so again, thank you all very much.

I think that's pretty much it. Look forward to all these is to come next year and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care of yourselves.
I've noticed a few times that people would like to see some stories based on some of my art pieces. So I'll make a little list of story ideas and it will be up to you guys to decide what you like to see the most. The one that gets the most votes will be the first one I do. 

1. Short story based on Misty getting controlled by Tentacruel in an alternate reality of the Pokemon episode Tentacool & Tentacruel.

2. Story about Puppetmon capturing some of the Digidestined to be his new toys. 

3. Another story featuring Mariano in another universe.

So what story you like to see? Or maybe a different suggestion from my art? Make your votes in the comment section below.
As the title up there is telling you, no more requests are being taken as I feel there are plenty now. 

I shall get to making some whenever I can. Life's been busy as of late so there will be a wait. 
Seems like I'm starting to get quite a few requests as of late. So for those who have any then please write your request down in the comments of this journal below. It'll be easier to keep this stuff in one area so if you have any then post away. 

Keep in mind I may not always be able to take your requests depending on what it is. If it can't be done then I will PM users on said requests. Also I can't always guarantee how long certain requests will take so keep that in mind.

There will be a few rules about requests so please respect them. 

1. I will not accept requests involving any kind of nudity or sex.

2. Do not ask for requests in the comments of my artwork. Those are for commenting on the art itself. I will not accept any requests being made from there from this point on.

3. No OC's. I will be sticking to official characters.

4. Try not to make requests with limited information. Go into detail about what it is you want to see. It helps me get a better understanding. 

Lastly while not a rule, I may not always know who certain characters you requests are so any references via web links would be a big help.

Those are the rules for now. More may be added eventually. 

Well then, fire away. 
Wow does time fly by. It's already been a year since I joined here and I never realised it. Not only that but during that time it seems I now have 100 watchers which is something I never expected.

So I would just like to say thank you to you all. I know my content isn't the best drawn or written, but you seem to like something of mine so once again thank you.

More content is coming soon including the continuation of "Playtime Returns To Saffron City" and whatever else pops into my head.

Hope you enjoy what I got coming up.

PS: Since it's been a year, what has been your favourite work of mine? Feel free to leave a comment if you wish.
Sorry once again for not putting out any content lately. I've been doing other stuff and haven't had any motivation as of late. 

So question to those watching. Out of the stuff I'm currently doing or something you'd like to see more of, what would you like me to do next? Knowing what you want to see may help motivate me more. Keep in mind I may or may not be able to carry out certain requests depending on what it is. 

You don't have to answer if you choose not to. It would be handy if anyone were to though.