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Chapter 1 – Malamar Strikes Back




Taking a break from their adventures at a big open field, Ash and his friends are currently enjoying a delicious picnic. But for Ash and Serena, break times are short as they both have plenty of training to do afterwards. With Ash just one more gym battle away from the Kalos League and Serena one showcase away from the Master Class, both of them are fired up more than ever.



“That lunch was great!” said Ash as he got up off the ground and looked at his Pokemon. “But now it’s time for some training, right everyone?” All his Pokemon cheered out ready to go.



“Then I’ll be working on some new inventions in the meantime,” said Clemont.



“The Dedenne and I are gonna play with Squishy!” replied Bonnie referring to the strange green Pokemon they had found some time ago she was looking after. Squishy was resting on a nearby rock resting under the sun, which was its favourite thing to do.



Serena who had been inside her tent getting dressed came out at last sporting a new set of clothing none of the others had seen before.



“Ta-da!” she said happily. “What do you think?!” She was dressed as a Majorette, which consisted of a sleeveless white shirt with gold buttons, a black top underneath, white arm gloves and boots with red stripes, and a red and yellow patterned dress. She even had a baton and flower crown on her head to go along with the outfit.



“Wow!” cried Bonnie in awe, “That looks amazing!”



“It certainly looks good on you,” replied Clemont. Ash wasn’t sure what to say at first as he just started for a few seconds. Serena was eagerly awaiting his opinion.



“Looks great!” he said at last with a smile.



“Aww, thanks, guys!” said Serena happily. Me, Braixen, Eevee and Pancham were thinking of trying out a marching band idea for a showcase. I saw this cute costume at a store and just had to buy it!”



“Well we can’t wait to see what you come up with!” said Clemont.



“I’m getting excited already!” said Bonnie.



“I’m sure you’ll be as great as always Serena,” said Ash. “You’ll get into the Master Class for sure!” Serena turned her head away for a few seconds as she started blushing from Ash’s complement.



“Well, we’ll certainly do our best! Come on guys let’s go practise!” Her Pokemon agreed and the group set off, whilst Ash and his Pokemon team went into the woods.



“I suppose we’ll stay here then Bonnie,” said Clemont watching the others leave. “We can check up on them later.”



“Kay,” replied Bonnie. “Once Squishy wakes up I’m gonna play with it.”



“Ok then. Make sure you stay close by.”




Later, Serena and her Pokemon had been spending some time working on dance routines. The team were heavily engaged as Serena was making notes on some of the ideas she had in mind.



“Hmm, this could turn out to be a pretty complicated dance. We need to think of ideas that will really charm the audience if we want a chance at the Master Class.” The Pokemon nodded their heads thinking of ideas as well.



“This marching band idea could turn out super cute if we perfect this. Let’s give what we’ve written down a try!” The Pokemon and Serena took their starting positions and began. Serena started off with a bow to the audience she was imagining, then started to march around the field, with Braixen, Pancham and Eevee following behind her. Serena twirled her baton around in her hand and began to sing a song as she marched.



“One, two, here we come,

Get on up and join the fun!

Sing along to our cheery song,

We’re gonna dance so come along!

Here comes Pancham, let’s get started,

Tough and cool, but so big-hearted!

Start us off, get ready to show,

Stone Edge, come on now let’s go!”




Pancham jumped into the air and landed its first on the ground to create stone pillars. Serena continued with the song as the pillars came up.



“Up next Braixen, come on now,

Take centre stage and take a bow!

Entrance us all with a fire spin,

Round and round, you’re sure to win!”



Braixen twirled it’s stick and ran around in a circle creating a ring of fire around the group.



“It’s now your time to shine Eevee,

Fill up all our hearts with glee,

Dance with me, it’s not too tough,

Come on now and show your stuff!”



Eevee jumped towards Serena and the both of them twirled and spun around together. Serena threw her baton to Braixen whilst Braixen threw it’s stick to Serena and danced around using each other’s items, whilst Pancham danced with Eevee.



“Ok, and end!” called Serena ending their first practise run. “It’s going really great everyone! All of you did amazingly! Serena’s Pokemon smiled happily and discussed amongst themselves how good each other was.



“Want to go for another round? Let’s try and get through this as many times as possible. When we’ve done enough I’ll try and add some more lyrics for the song too!” All in agreement, the team began practising again, making such they all did the best they possibly could. They were not alone, however, as something was hiding up in a tree nearby watching them. 



“Another solid run everybody!” said Serena after finishing another practise run. Let’s take a quick ten-minute break and catch our breath.” The group sat down to rest, whilst Serena began to write some notes down. The figure watching them has vanished from the tree and was beginning to get closer. It hid in some bushes nearby so it would be behind the group to make its move.



“I should get us some little instruments for you guys to play as well! We also have to get you all some costumes that are themed like a marching band.”



“Ee! Eevee!” cried Serena’s Eevee in a fright as it jumped up off the ground.



“What’s wrong Eevee? You look spooked.”



“Eevee!” it replied moving its paw forward to tell Serena something was behind them. Serena turned around and saw the figure very close up behind her. She jumped out in fright to notice that it was sinister looking Malamar, A Pokemon she and the others have had bad experiences with.



“A Malamar?!” she cried getting up off her feet. “What if it’s…?” She was reminded of the past two encounters with some evil Malamar that tried to conquer the world.



“Malamar,” replied the Pokemon giving Serena an evil look.



“It is you, isn’t it?! The one that hypnotised the Officer Jenny and tried to use that machine to destroy our dimension, aren’t you?!”



“Mala,” it replied with pride. Poor Eevee was terrified as it hid behind Serena. The Malamar yelled out loudly towards it which caused Eevee to run away from the group.



“Eevee no! Come back!” cried Serena as she ran after it. But Malamar floated in front of Serena to stop her in her tracks.



“Go away! Leave me and my friends alone!”



“Malamar,” it replied shaking its head. Braixen got in front of Serena and glared at the Malamar fiercely.



“Braixen!” said Serena worryingly.



“Braix! Braixen Braix!” it said telling the Malamar to back off.



“Pancham! Pancham Pancham!” replied Pancham saying it shouldn’t mess with them. Malamar showed no signs of worry which further angered Braixen and Pancham.



“Braixen, Pancham, we have to find Eevee! Let’s take care of this Malamar quickly! Compared to the previous encounters with this Pokemon, Serena took a stand and showed that she wasn’t going to run away. Though she was slightly scared, she wouldn’t back down anymore.



“Let’s do this guys! Braixen use flamethrower, and Pancham, use dark pulse!” Braixen fired their attacks at the Malamar, but it dodged both attacks with ease.



“Again!” But once again the Malamar dodged it. It was now its turn to strike as it used psychic on her Pokemon and made them float up in the air.



“Braixen! Pancham!” cried Serena as she watched Malamar float them forward before thrusting them away into the distance several feet away from Serena.



“No!” With Braixen and Pancham out of Malamar’s way, it floated towards Serena in a flash, and the yellow areas of its body started to glow brightly. Serena tried her best to look away from the light, it became too strong to ignore as she was now caught in Malamar’s hypnotic waves.



Braixen and Pancham got up from the ground feeling their injuries from the impact. Bearing the pain, they got up and ran back to where Serena and the Malamar were. But unfortunately they were too late, as the both of them were now gone.






“Pancham!” Serena’s Pokemon cried out for their trainer, but there was no response. They looked towards each other and told each other to split up and look for her and Eevee.




Meanwhile back with Clemont and Bonnie, the brother and sister were quietly doing their own thing up until Bonnie was starting to get bored.



“Aww, Squishy is still asleep. I wanted to play with it,” she moaned.



“Then you’ll just have to find something else to do Bonnie,” replied Clemont still tinkering with some machinery. Bonnie sighed and got up looking towards the woods.



“I want to go for a walk. Keep an eye on Squishy, k?” Without asking for permission, Bonnie ran off into the woods with Dedenne following behind.



“Hey wait a minute stop!” called Clemont in surprise.



“I know, I won’t go off too far, be back soon!” replied Bonnie in the distance as she entered the woods.



“Make sure you don’t!” replied Clemont watching his sister until she was out of view.



Bonnie was fascinated by the surroundings as she saw plenty of Pokemon up in the trees.



“Look at all the Pidgey and Caterpie over there! Squishy sure is missing out, right Dedenne?”



“De, nee nee!” it replied cheerfully. 



“When I’m all grown up, I’m gonna catch a Pidgey and a Caterpie! I’m gonna catch all of the cute Pokemon!” Bonnie suddenly heard some footsteps close by which made her stop in her tracks.



“Is someone else in these woods?” she said quietly to herself as she went to hide behind a tree. As the footsteps got louder, Bonnie eventually saw that the person they were coming from was Serena, who was walking slow and stiffly.



“Serena! Fancy bumping into you here!” Bonnie ran up towards her friend happily not noticing her odd behaviour at first. “So how’s the practising coming along? I can’t wait to see it in action!”



“De, nee, nee!” Serena just stared at Bonnie without saying a word.



“Serena? Is something wrong?”



“The world will fall under my rule…” said Serena in a monotone voice.






“You will bow down before me…”



“What’s gotten into you, Serena? You’re sounding really weird. Where are Braixen and the others?” Serena’s arms reached outwards and she slowly walked towards Bonnie attempting to grab her.



“You’re scaring me now Serena… I don’t like this!” Bonnie dodged Serena’s lunge towards her, causing her to fall on the ground. Bonnie continued to back away as Serena got herself up and continued to slowly walk towards Bonnie like a zombie.



“Something’s happened to you! I have to get help!” Bonnie turned around and ran away with Serena continuing to slowly follow her. “Clemont! Ash! Someone help!” But Bonnie suddenly stopped moving against her will, finding herself stuck and unable to move. “What’s happening!” Her body began to float upwards and was now floating backwards towards Serena again, now with the evil Malamar behind her.



“Malamar! It can’t be!” The Malamar gave Bonnie a frightening look on its face as it used its physic powers to keep Bonnie floating in one spot.



“You cannot escape from me…” said Serena not even looking at her friend.



“I-It was you! Y-you’ve done s-s-something to Serena! She would n-n-never want to rule the world!” Bonnie was absolutely terrified to the point that she couldn’t form her words properly.



“You shall serve me in my conquest of this world.... Soon the human race will bow down to me…” Bonnie had just noticed that when Serena spoke, Malamar’s mouth moved at the exact same time as her.



“Malamar didn’t move its mouth when Serena spoke before… What’s happening?!”



“Say goodbye to your free will… You will be reborn as my servant…”



“HELP! HELP!” yelled Bonnie at the top of her lungs as tears rolled down her eyes. Just as Malamar’s body began to glow, a big bird-like shape made of fire charged at it and struck it in the chest, causing Malamar to drop Bonnie from its psychic grasp. When Bonnie got up, she noticed it was none other than Ash’s Talonflame.



“Bonnie! Are you alright?!” called out Ash from behind with Clemont carrying Squishy right beside him.



“Ash! Clemont! You’re here!” cried Bonnie running on over to hug her brother and let out her tears.



“Bonnie are you hurt?!” asked Clemont hugging his sister back.



“I’m fine… But Serena is…is”



“Is what?”



“That nasty Malamar is back and it’s done something horrible to Serena!” Clemont jumped just from hearing Malamar’s name.



“It can’t be! Not again!” Ash looked furious as he watched Malamar get back up looking sinister.



“What did you do to our friend?!” cried Ash sounding the most furious Clemont and Bonnie had ever heard him.



Malamar,” it replied sinisterly as it floated behind Serena.



“You shall bow down to me… Madame Y,” said Serena.



“Madame Y?!” This time when Serena started speaking, Malamar’s mouth moved at the same time as Serena’s.



“After the previous defeats, I shall take matters into my own hands. Your friend will serve as the object of my revenge.”



“Serena, snap out of it!” said Ash trying to get through. “You don’t want to get revenge on anyone!”



“That wasn’t Serena talking just now Ash!” said Clemont who had been watching Malamar closely. “Just now I think that Malamar’s words come out of her mouth! She's like a puppet for it when it needs to speak!” Ash clenched his fists angrily. 



“How dare you use our friend like that! I’ll make sure that this time you learn your lesson! Talonflame, Pikachu, let’s do this!”









“Ash wait, don’t get too reckless!” said Clemont starting to worry. 



“I’m not letting that evil Pokemon harm Serena or anyone else! Pikachu, use Thunderbolt, and Talonflame, use Steel Wing!” Pikachu and Talonflame fired their attacks towards the Malamar, but it managed to dodge them just in time.



“Attack again!” Ash commanded, but the results were the same.



“That Malamar has gotten a lot faster than last time!” said Clemont in surprise. “Ash you have to be careful!”



“Then we’ll be faster! Pikachu, use Quick Attack!”






“Talonflame, use Brave Bird!”



“Talonflame!” Malamar decided to change tactics as it used its physic powers to levitate Serena so she was in front of the attacks range.



“ASH, STOP!” cried Clemont, “CALL OFF THE ATTACK, NOW!”



“Malamar you coward! Guys, stop quick!” called out Ash feeling defeated already. Pikachu and Talonflame stopped just in time to Malamar’s delight. Now it was its turn as it used psychic to levitate Pikachu, Talonflame and even Ash up in the air.



“Let us go Malamar!”








“Not this time fool,” said Serena who was being used by Malamar again. “I want you to experience the same pain you have caused me.” Malamar used it’s powers to push Ash, Pikachu and Talonflame backwards at a high speed towards a tree. Ash collided into the tree, which causes a bone in his arm to snap. The impact also went straight to his head which ended up knocking him out. Pikachu and Talonflame also crashed into the tree and passed out as well.



“OH NO, ASH!” cried Clemont and Bonnie as they ran towards their friends.



“Pikachu and Talonflame are out cold too!” said Bonnie trying to wake them up.



“How dare you!” said Clemont to the Malamar looking furious.



“He got what he deserved,” said Malamar through Serena again. Tears were rolling down Bonnie’s face again.



“Please just stop! Let Serena go!”



“With our enemies out of the picture, we shall begin our world conquest,” said Serena again, this time not with Malamar doing the talking. Using it’s physic powers, it levitated Serena up into the air and the pair of them began to fly away into the distance.



“Get back here!” cried Clemont who almost went to go after them, but couldn’t due to Ash and the others condition.



“Serena!” yelled Bonnie who helplessly watched Serena fly away until she was out of sight. Be began to cry again and hugged Clemont. “What are we going to do big brother? Serena is gone and Ash, Pikachu and Talonflame are hurt…”



“We still don’t know where Serena’s Pokemon are either… This is really bad…” Just then Ash started to slowly wake up along with Pikachu and Talonflame.



“Guys! Are you alright?!” cried Bonnie desperate for an answer.



“What happened…? Where’s Serena?” asked Ask weakly as she was still coming too. Clemont was so disappointed that he couldn’t answer him.



“She’s gone… Malamar…” Bonnie teared up again and covered her eyes up with her hands. “Malamar took her away!” Poor Bonnie started to sob harder than ever, which made Ash extremely mad.



“I have to go after her!” he cried as he tried to get up. “ARGH!” he cried as when he moved his right arm, it was in immense pain.



“Ash you’re hurt!” Clemont explained. “Don’t go moving that arm!”



“Pika-Pi!” cried Pikachu worrying about his best friend.



“Talonflame!” replied Talonflame also deeply worried.



“You guys…” said Ash trying to hold back the pain, “are you guys ok?” Pikachu and Talonflame nodded their heads, even though they too were only injured a little.



“I’m going after them! Arm or no arm!” said Ash who tried to fight back against the pain as much as he could, but it just was too much for him.



“This is bad! We have to get you to a hospital Ash and fast! Plus Pikachu and Talonflame will need to go to the Pokemon Centre!”



“To think that Malamar beat us in just one attack… I’ve never felt so embarrassed!” said Ash feeling furious that he couldn’t have done anything.



“We still need to find Serena’s Pokemon too!” said Clemont feeling pretty defeated. Just then as if a small glimpse of luck was on their side, Braixen and Pancham arrived with Eevee in tow.



“They found us!” cried Bonnie as she ran up to them. “Are you guys ok?! You look a bit hurt too!” All Serena’s Pokemon were more concerned about was where their friend was, as they all spoke at once. Bonnie couldn’t even look at the Pokemon anymore, knowing deep down what they were saying. Realising what Bonnie’s body language was telling them, the three of them looked upset. Holding back her tears, Bonnie spoke up and tried not to cry.



“We have to leave Serena for now…Ash and the others have been hurt, so we have to get them to the hospital and Pokemon Centre right away! You need to get treated as well.”



“I’ve called an ambulance for Ash,” said Clemont putting his phone away. “Hang in there, Ash. Help is on the way for you and the Pokemon.” Ash was close to tears himself as he used his other hand to slam the tree in rage.



“Serena…” he said feeling disgusted at such a humiliating defeat.




Later on, at an undisclosed location, Malamar had brought Serena into a dark room, where a bunch of old television sets were piled up to resemble a queen’s throne. Malamar used its powers make Serena float upwards towards an old looking chair and sat her down. It used it’s hypnosis on her again so that it’s control over her was stronger. Once completed, Serena began to speak.



“Soon the world will be under my control. My days as Serena are over. The human race will be my slaves and together Malamar and I will be unstoppable. Not even the fools who have defeated us in the past can stop me.”



With Serena almost fully set up where it wanted her, Malamar floated away into a hidden room where a giant machine similar to the mind control machine it had in a previous hideout from Ash and friends first encounter was at. This time, however, the machine was even bigger and appeared to be made out of stronger material. It used its owners to bring the machine into the “throne room”, and placed it at the back of the throne Serena was sitting on.



It soon got to work as a series of dark purple vines and spikes began to grow in the room. It covered up the machine and made a huge cocoon-like nest around Serena’s throne. When the nest was built, a series of vines grew from the ceiling and wrapped themselves around Serena’s arms, legs, waist and head, making her look like some sort of puppet queen. Lastly, a giant TV screen lowered itself into the nest, where security footage for every room of the building appeared on the screen. Malamar intended for her to keep a lookout for any intruders whilst it could continue work on its upcoming plans. With the nest completed, a dark purple hue was spread around the place, leaving Serena to stare blankly at the security screen.



The Malamar was so proud of what plans it had in mind, that it began to laugh victoriously. With Ash and friends out of commission, it was confident that this would be the plan that would succeed.

Training for the upcoming Pokemon Showcase that could land Serena in the Master Class, an old foe returns stronger than ever to carry out its final plans. Could this be a job too tough for our heroes to handle this time?

This has been a story long time coming. Based on the artwork below, this is the set to be one of the darkest Pokemon stories I've done to date. I hope you guys enjoy the introduction of what's to come in the future.

Chapter 2 - Coming in the future.

Chapter artwork…

First prototype artwork based on this story…

All characters owned by The Pokemon Company
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Thank you :thumbsup:
My current skills wouldn't be able to capture that scene very well in art form. If I were decent enough, I'd give it a go. 
loyka32 Featured By Owner May 5, 2017
Well I got a friend who might give it a shot, would you allow me to ask him to do so?
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Haha he wouldn't want anything because it's his lobby, he already did many pictures for me, but nonetheless it's your decision and I will definitely respect that.
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