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Chapter 1 – A Plea for Help

For the past week, Misty and her sister Daisy had been enjoying a relaxing vacation at Porta Vista. For the first time in ages, their other sisters, Violet and Lily were actually home for once who very often had their own business elsewhere. Misty and Daisy had been taking care of the Cerulean City for so long that a break like this needed, so Violet and Lily agreed to run the gym for a week whilst their sisters were away.

Misty and Daisy had two days left of their vacation, so for today, they had gone shopping for new clothes, fishing rods and lures and some gifts for their sisters to bring home. After shopping the sisters sat down at a restaurant eating some ice cream, gazing upon the ocean view.

“These ice creams are like, the best,” said Daisy as she liked her vanilla flavoured dessert. “We stay here for a few days and you didn’t mention this to me now?”

“That’s only because you’ve spent most of our time here shopping and signing autographs from fans of your movie roles,” replied Misty. “I haven’t had much of a chance to tell you about some of the other places we could go to.”

“Don’t remind me of the autographs... The next time I see anyone coming up to me with a pen and something to sign, I think I might die!”

“The stress of fame huh?”

“Totally. Maybe I should consider an early retirement?”

“Well, that’s your call to make.”

“Anyway, change of subject! So then where do you wanna go?” Misty couldn’t have been more relieved to hear that.

“Well, I’d like to go out fishing with the new gear we got after we finish up here.” Daisy didn’t look all that comfortable all of a sudden.

“Hey, why don’t we go and sunbathe on the beach some more?! You like that right?”

“Aww, come on Daisy… We’ve been sunbathing for so long that I’m getting a little sick of it. Plus, you’ll probably keep bumping into fans again. If we go out fishing it’ll just be you and me with nobody to bother you. What’s the big deal?” Daisy was shivering a little.

“I’ve heard stories about how Porta Vista was attacked a long time back by a giant Tentacruel and wiped the city out! I never watch the news so I’ve only heard bits and pieces. If we go fishing and you catch a Tentacool, what if it gets mad and calls the big guy to destroy the city again?”

“But that was such a long time ago. Plus, it won’t happen again because all the Tentacool and that Tentacruel left the place I think. I don’t seem to remember much about what happened.

“What makes you so sure?”

“I’m not so sure why, but I just have a good feeling that things will be ok. Come on it will be fun!”

“Oh fine then… But I’m still uneasy about this. But if a giant Tentacruel comes out and attacks, then I’m never going on vacation with you again.”

“Harsh… Alright then, thank you!” The girls finished their dessert and walked off straight for Hutber Port to hire out a boat.

The sisters eventually got to the boat hire after more pit stops so Daisy could shop for more things, much to Misty’s annoyance. Soon enough with Daisy driving, they set out far across the sea and were ready to fish. Misty was using her special lure designed to look like herself, whilst Daisy was sitting down and reading a magazine.

“Come on Daisy, why don’t you give this a go?” asked Misty feeling like her sister wanted no part in it.

“In a few. This just came out today and I’ve been dying to read it. An interview about the next movie I’m in should be in this month’s issue.”

“Can’t you worry about that stuff later? We’d have better luck if we worked together.”

“I’ll wait till the jellyfish are gone.” Misty moaned knowing it wasn’t going to be easy to convince her.

“Seriously it’s fine! There’s nothing to worry about! Come on, give me a hand!”

“Let me just read this first, k?” With a big sigh, Misty gave up trying and continued to fish. Half an hour passed and not a single bite had come yet.

“You’re welcome to join in anytime,” said Misty feeling awkward.

“Fine,” Daisy sighed, “I was just getting to the good part, so be thankful I’m taking my reading time out for this.”

“But you’ve read that magazine twice already!”

“What? I need multiple reads to fully absorb everything.”

“Well, that’s an excuse if I’ve ever heard one…” Daisy took over the fishing duties whilst Misty went to grab a snack out of the picnic basket they had brought along. She picked out a cucumber sandwich and sat down to look at the ocean as she ate.

“The water here is so beautiful,” she said trying to bring up a conversation.

“Yeah, if they weren’t haunted by a giant Tentacruel…”

“When are you gonna get over that already sis?”

“Hey, I’m nervous ok! I’m only doing this for you!”

“Hey come on now. This is supposed to be a fun activity together. Might even help you get over this silly fear of yours.” Just then a sharp pain was felt in Misty’s head, as she placed her hand over it.

“Hey are you alright?” asked Daisy as she turned around hearing Misty in pain. Misty closed her eyes for a brief second and opened them again, however they were empty white voids with no pupils. Daisy couldn’t see this as she was looking at Misty from her back view.

“W…W…We… are…” said Misty, until she closed her eyes and opened them which made her pupils appear again.

“What’s the matter? We what?” The pain in Misty’s head had gone as she turned towards her sister.

“We?” she asked curiously.

“Yeah, we what? That’s what you said.” Misty looked rather confused.

“I didn’t say that. Not sure what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah, you totally did! You looked like your head was hurting. Are you feeling ok?”

“Yeah, I’m perfectly fine. It felt a little sore but it’s gone now.”

“Ok then. But you let me know if it happens again.”

“Yeah, sure.” Misty sat back down in a state of confusion as she ate her sandwich. Was Daisy hearing things she thought, or did something just happen that she wasn’t aware of.

Twenty minutes later, Daisy was growing bored fast of not a single bite coming through. This was reaching breaking point for her to where she just wanted to leave and head back to the beach. Even with Misty fishing alongside her, it wasn’t doing anything to make the experience more enjoyable for her.

“Still nothing,” said Misty. “We saw plenty of water Pokemon back at the harbour being feed by the locals, so why aren’t any of them out here I wonder?”

“Look Misty, if you want to go fishing then you might as well do that at the harbour cause I’m pretty much done here.”

“Fishing is something you’re supposed to be patient with. I should have known you weren’t into this after all…”

“Sorry. You clearly have more patience than I do, so if you don’t mind I’m gonna get back to my mag.” However just as she was about to put the rod down, she felt a jerk from it. “Hey wait a sec, I got a bite!”

“Really?!” cried Misty with delight, “Quick reel it in!” Misty brought her rod back in and watched Daisy pull as tight as she could.

“This one’s a fighter! I think it might be a big catch!”

“I’ll help you!” Misty replied as she got behind her sister and pulled back. But even with all their might, the bite was unfortunately lost as Daisy fell back down landing on Misty.

“Great, we waste all this time and the only bite leaves! Just my rotten luck!”

“Yeah, it’s a shame… Could you get off me now?” But the Pokemon that bit the lure wasn’t done yet as it swam upwards towards the boat behind where the girls were standing.

“Ok I’m pretty much done now!” said Daisy in utter frustration. I’m driving this boat back to the Port and we’re calling it a day!”

“Oh fine…” replied Misty knowing that if they stayed any longer, she would get sick of complaint after complaint. “I suppose we gave it a fair shot.” As Misty got up, another sharp pain was felt in her head. “Ow! What is this!?” she cried feeling a lot more pain than before.

“Misty? Not again!” Daisy went over to her sister and started to panic.

Suddenly, a splash came from behind the boat, revealing that the Pokemon was a Tentacool. Before Misty could turn around to see where the noise was coming from, it landed perfectly on top of Misty’s head.

“What the heck?!” cried Daisy taking a step back. The Tentacool wrapped its tentacles around Misty’s head, which caused her to flinch and close her eyes, opening them again to reveal empty white voids. Misty’s arms flopped downwards and she stood completely still as her mind had been shut off. Daisy screamed in fright looking directly at Misty’s empty eyes.

“We are Tentacool,” said Misty which made her eyes glow a shade of red when she spoke. Daisy screamed again and fell to the floor in fright.

“WHAT THE HECK?!” she shouted as she almost attempted to jump off the boat and swim back to shore.

“Hear us now,” said Misty making her eyes glow red every time she spoke. “We have at last discovered the human that we can use to help us.”

“What’s going on here?!” yelled Daisy, “What is this Misty?!”

“We are Tentacool. We are using the mind of this human being to speak with you now.”

“What? Misty, I know you have an obsession with these Pokemon, but they can’t do something like that!”

“It is unknown why we have this ability. But since the last time we used this human to speak with the rest of your kind, we destroyed the city close from here out of retaliation of the humans once trying to destroy us. With the convincing of some humans who knew this one, we realised we were wrong and have since left the human race alone.”

“So you were involved with that attack Misty?!” replied Daisy who still didn’t quite get that this wasn’t her sister talking. “Why didn’t you tell me anything?!”

“Like we have said, this human is not the one you are conversing with now. This human appears to be a host that works with communicating with you humans so you may understand.

“So you somehow are using my sister like some puppet or something? No way!”

“Yes, if you wish to use such a term.”

“But why my sister?! I don’t approve of this at all!”

“This human is the only way we can speak with you. One of our kind has been looking for some help for a while now, and it wasn’t until it saw the small device looking like this human that we finally found it again.”

“The lure! That’s how you found us isn’t it?!”

“This is correct. We have come here in need of some help from any human that is close with this one.”

“Help? What with?”

“There is a human who has been experimenting with this Tentacool and many more of us in a building underwater. We are not sure what this man is trying to do, but we cannot forgive him capturing us all for his own deeds. This Tentacool found a way to escape, and since then we have been searching for help.”

“A guy with an underwater home? Ok, this sounds like something out of an action flick I started in once.”

“That human man will no doubt try to find this one again, so we need your help in order to protect it.”

“But don’t you have that giant Tentacruel that I’ve heard about? Why doesn’t it deal with the problem itself?”

“Unfortunately that cannot be done. The leader of us has fallen greatly ill and is in no shape to help. We have been unable to find out why.”

“What a bummer… But if I do try and help you, what’s to say you won’t double-cross me or something? I’m well aware of what you guys did from a long time ago!”

“Please rest assured we are not like that anymore. We will only punish humans who are un-redeemable.” Daisy was hesitant on helping as the stories of past events still echoed in her mind. Seeing her sister being used like this creeped her out, and making her normal again was the only thing on her mind right now.

“We are desperate for some assistance. Please help us.” Though showing no different expression on its face, the words coming out of Misty’s mouth sounded as if it was being honest. Though still feeling uneasy, Daisy could not abandon a Pokemon in need when it was asking for her to help.

“I don’t know anything about an underwater place around here, but I’ll try and protect you as best as I can.”

“Thank you, human. Your kindness is something we appreciate.”

“Could you let go of my sister now though? I’m worried that you using her body will affect her badly later on.”

“Fear not human. This girl is under no harm. We need to stay with her in order to communicate with you. We fear that going back in the sea will make us a target for that vile human to capture this one again.”

“Oh, and sitting on top of my sister’s head won’t be a dead giveaway either?”

“The human man is underwater. Staying on dry land is possibly the best place right now. The connection with this girl we trust will keep us safe.” Daisy sighed, worrying that arguing with this creature could make it angry enough to plot another attack.

“How am I supposed to explain that my sister is being controlled by a Tentacool that has weird abilities? People are gonna freak out! Plus Tentacool can’t stay out of the water for too long, otherwise, they dry up fast without any water.”

“This is a predicament,” replied the Tentacool sounding concerned. Daisy suddenly came up with an idea that might work.

“I might have an idea to help you for now.”

“What is it human?”

“I’ll keep you safe inside one of my empty Poke Balls for now until we can find a patch of water away from the sea, like the fountain close to the port. Until then I’ll try and ask around to see if anybody knows about some crazy guy with an underwater base. I doubt anyone would believe me but it’s all I’ve got for now.”

“Then we shall trust you, human. We shall release this girl for now until we need her again. She will pass out for a while due if past experiences are the same.”

“Pass out?! I thought you said she was going to be ok?!”

“She will be. But having to use her body to speak to you seems to tire her out. She will not be harmed.”

“Great. Now I gotta worry about dragging my unconscious sister back to…”

“We apologise. She is the only human open for us to control, so we are still learning of this ability ourselves.”

“Ok then, off you get and I’ll keep you safe inside this Poke Ball,” replied Daisy grabbing one out of her pocket.

“Thank you human. We shall talk again when needed.” The Tentacool released its arms and jumped off Misty’s head, causing her to pass out. Daisy caught her just in time and laid her against the wall.

“I can’t tell her about any of this… It would only freak her out and leave her in such a state. You can’t give her any hints either, ok?” The Tentacool nodded, so Daisy presented her Poke Ball to it and it pressed the button to be sent inside. Once the ball locked itself, Daisy got ready to drive the boat back to port. “Poor Misty… To think that you were involved with that attack so long ago.” She drove back as slowly as she could, making sure not to shake the boat too much.  

People were concerned as Daisy carried Misty on her back, so many times Daisy had to explain that she had passed out and was taking her back to their hotel to rest her in bed. Eventually, they made it back and she laid Misty down, waiting patiently for her to wake up. After some time, Misty finally awoke to Daisy’s delight. Her eyes looked normal and she seemed to be her usual self.

“Daisy… Did I pass out?”

“Yeah, you did. You totally worried me back there so I sent you back here as quick as I could.”

“Oh man. You must have had to carry me all the way here. I’m real sorry about this…”

“Not at all! I’m just relieved you’re ok now. Is your head feeling ok?”

“It’s a little sore, but nothing too serious. I must have passed out from it.”

“It’s not like you to pass out from a headache. Is it stress related or something?”

“Not at all. To tell you the truth, back when I was travelling with Ash and Brock, I’d sometimes get these headaches during the night.”

“Really?” replied Daisy in surprise. She thought that the events of the Tentacool from a long time back must have left some after effects in her head.

“Yeah. But they happen so fast, and then the next minute it’s morning. At first, it freaked me out a little, but I’ve just grown to be used to it.”

“You haven’t seen a doctor about this then?”

“No. They happened so far apart from each other that I never worried about it too much. Don’t worry about me, Daisy. Give it some time and I’ll be perfectly fine. That’s how it’s always been.”

“Well ok then. You rest until then ok? I’m not allowing you to leave this bed until you are well enough.”

“Sure ok,” Misty chuckled feeling grateful to have her sister around.

Sometime later in an undisclosed location, a scientist was sitting at his computer checking a radar scan for any signs of a Tentacool. Behind him was a huge tank filled with lots of other Tentacool all asleep. The scientist slammed his desk in frustration.

“How on earth did that one Tentacool escape this place?! That was the one that came positive in the test results and now it’s hiding somewhere! I was this close to completing the first phase of my experiment and this happens!” He looked down at an old I.D badge of his listing his name as Kieth Mattos, and a symbol of the criminal organisation, Team Rocket.

“To this day that group makes my blood boil. Calling my experiment, a waste of time! I’ll show them! I’ll show the world that my experiment will be a success, even if I have to find a way to drain the seas dry for that blasted Tentacool!” Just then the radar picked up on a faint signal coming from Hutber Port which broke Kieth’s anger immediately.

“Could this be it?!” he cried as he traced the signal to its origin. The scans revealed the Tentacool swimming in a fountain with Misty and Daisy looking at it. “It can’t be! Isn’t that the girl I saw in the Tentacool’s grasp all that time ago?! The one who was being used as a conduit in order for those jellyfish to speak to us? What are the convenient odds of that?!” Feeling delighted at this turn of events, he radioed in to the camera feed. “Agent Spearow, keep an eye on that Tentacool and the orange haired girl! It’s time for me to finally claim my prizes!

“Row!” replied the bird Pokemon, who had a camera strapped to its neck and an ear piece to hear Kieth out of. It landed on a nearby building and kept a watchful eye on the group as Kieth put the lab on lockdown and headed to his submarine. He climbed in and started to drive it out of his undersea base, heading towards Hutber Port.

“Finally after all this time, I can finally make my experiment a reality! I’ll show Team Rocket and the world that I deserve to be respected!”
Whilst Misty and her sister Daisy are on vacation, an unexpected return appears in need of help.

It's taken a while, but I've finally come up with a continuation of the story I did back over a year ago of the Tentacruel story role reversal with Misty. Whereas the previous one was re-telling of the original episode it was based on, this one is the start of something original. 

The idea for this story is based on trying to come up with an idea on how a Tentacool was able to use mind control to speak to others. It wasn't an idea that was ever explored in the show, so I wanted to try and come up with an explanation and write a story around it. I hope you enjoy it.



Pokemon characters are owned by The Pokemon Company.

Kieth Mattos owned by myself.
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